May 31, 2013

state of the stack

I became a pyrex collector ("lover") in April 2012. The obsession started off innocently enough -- an adorable little Colonial Mist 472 was perched on a shelf at a thrift store in Williamsburg, Virginia. The past few months before that had been rough, between an east coast move, a break-up, and polishing off my last few months of grad school. I'm not saying collecting pyrex gave me a purpose in life, but I loved having a solid reason to hit the thrift stores. Over the past year, thrifting has, once again, become my most treasured hobby.

And, that little Colonial Mist 472? It has turned into a legitimate "stack". I believe the desire to have a pyrex stack is a common thread among pyrex collectors everywhere. Whether the stack is a set of bowls, a rainbow of fridgies, or floor-to-ceiling casseroles, that desire lives in all of us.

Colonial Mist was the first. Several months later, in January 2013, I added Autumn Harvest and Butterfly Gold in the same weekend. The weekend after that, I hit pyrex gold. Pink Gooseberry and a larger Snowflake casserole initiated the stacking process.

Over the following months, I found a Square Verde and a thin, Spring Blossom 472-B. After a huge pyrex drought, I found a Homestead, with a lid in tact.

The silliest addition was another Butterfly Gold, although a different gold color and pattern. I was thrifting with my roommate. I had just scored the Navajo promo and was super pumped to see what else I could find. I saw the Butterfly Gold and swore it was different than the other one I had. I asked her, "I don't have this one, right?". She laughed at me and I told her not to judge. The upside was, I was right. It was absolutely a different Butterfly Gold.

My latest addition has been an Early American, gold-leafed, brown casserole. As much as I love 472s and hope to continue collecting them, I think it's time to get some larger casseroles to even out the bottom.

While everyone else in my office is showing off their puppies and babies, I'm sharing my pyrex and mid-century modern finds. It feels good to be a thrifter. 

What is your favorite type of pyrex to stack? Anyone else want to show off? 

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